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  This is how it works

This is how it works...


When a company launches a new product they need to know if it will be popular. If its not, they will lose tens of millions of dollars in developing and marketing a product that people don't like. To save themselves from this potentially costly mistake, they invest in market research which involves asking people like you and me what they think, and if their new product can be a success. In the days before the internet, most of this research was done through call centers - dozens of people ringing thousands of numbers trying to convince them to take part in a survey. However, thanks to the internet, and also the increased in the number of people with private phone numbers, these companies have realized that it's a lot more effective to pay people who want to give them their opinions. No more expensive call centers for them and no more unwanted phone calls for their potential customers! These companies are now paying out great sums of money to people doing these surveys, and it has become a big business. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of companies launching thousands of products every single month, so they are paying out millions of dollars to thousands of people every month! So how can you get your share of this money?

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